since 1998
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provides 2 types of translation services

to meet the needs of business and general users
Business Translation
*For commercial and industrial customers.
We translate all sorts of business documents, written content for marketing, branding and daily communication.
Scope: Translation of Company Website, Company Profile, Presentation Slides, marketing writ-ups, etc.
Personal Translation
*For individual users like you and your friends, job applicants, etc.
Call Bizmate today for translating your documents for school enrolment, PR application, travel VISA application and many other purposes.
Scope: Birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce document, degree certificate, etc.

Target Languages of Our Translation Services

Chinese Language
(Malaysia/ UK/ US English)
Malay Language

Accepted worldwide including Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, etc.

Supported by many successful worldwide submission cases!!!

Valued added services that can be included:

(1) Notarised Certification for the translated documents

(2) Certified True Copy for the duplicate of your original documents

You will be guided accordingly.

We work in a flexible manner to
get the job done for you.


All translation jobs are handled by our in-house team. You'll receive subsequent support after submission, when needed.
Be rest assured with the translation output! We have been in translation services since 1998.
We're highly flexible in term of project time frame, delivery options, etc.
You too will enjoy the services SATISFACTORILY!

Our client’s reviews

Testimonial by Jerome Sim
We have been in good working relationship with Bizmate particularly on our graphic design and website design jobs. Thank you for Bizmate project team's help in translation services, text content writeup and their ideas contribution. A thumbs' up for you guys!
Jerome Sim
Eurekaism Sdn. Bhd.
Testimonial by Asri
A big thank you to Bizmate for translating my spouse's divorce certificate and current marital status statement from Thai to English. I was very happy because the respective marriage registration department in Johor Bahru has accepted the translated document, and I could proceed with marriage registration.
of Kg. Melayu Majidee, Johor Bahru
Testimonial by Karen
I am a returning customer of Bizmate. The team has helped to translate and certify my son's certificates and personal documents for submission in Singapore. I really appreciated it.
A working mum from Taman Adda Heights, Johor Bahru
Testimonial by Hadthry
Congratulations to Bizmate for successfully translated my certificates. It is for submission to authority in the United Kingdom. I was really happy because certification has also been done for me. Thank you for the great efforts!
A student from Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

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